The Crystal Method afterparty / Fri Aug 6 2010 Memphis



The Crystal Method Afterparty

Featuring DJ's

  • David the Worm
  • Mary Jane
  • ?Confusion?

Doors open at 10, Dj's start at 11:30p
$2 with ticket stub, $5 without
18 and up

NOCTURNAL (Across the street from Murphy's and Minglewood Hall)


All Styles Dance Contest / Sat Oct 10 Hayward, CA



Remix Clothing is also sponsoring All The Way Live's "All Styles Dance Contest" in Hayward this Saturday! 1 on 1 battles to win the grand prize of $500! This is a fundraiser to help send the All The Way Live crew to my family's hometown of Banciao, Taiwan in November, so come out and support!!

All The Way Live: All Styles Dance Contest

East Bay Arts High School
20450 Royal St
Hayward, CA

October 10th, 2009

-Battles start at 4:30pm SHARP!
-Everyone on the Pre-Reg list must check in by 4PM, or forfeit your spot.

Cost: $15/$10 (w/ATWL Tee)
-kids 12 and under $5

Hosted by:

Performances by:
Judges Showcase
Fresh Dynamix

Special Guest:
Brian "Footwork" Green-New York, NY
Judo-Houston, TX

Announcement on All The Way Live URBAN DANCE FESTIVAL BAY AREA!
That's right we're doing it again.

1 vs 1 All Style Dance Contest

-Every dancer will get 30 seconds to showcase their groove!
-15 dancers will move on to the top 16.
*The winner of All The Way Live Texas gets an automatic slot in the top 16
-All dance styles welcomed to compete.

$500USD + All The Way Live All Styles Trophy

Brian "Footwork" Green
Frost (Supreme Soul/Triple Threat)
Ceech (DS Players)
Aiko (Jam Patrol)
Precise (Beatz N Pieces)

Kool Raul (Beatz N Pieces/Supreme Soul)
Lawly Law (Beatz N Pieces)
Neil tagnia

50. Romy Romes (Popping)
49. Santa Cruz Ice (Locking)
48. KayOss (Locking)
47. Nik (Locking)
46. Lil B (Locking)
45. Double You Kong (Locking)
44. Ha-Ji (Popping)
43. D Faownk (Popping)
42. Co FLO (House) (FLO-ology/Soulshifters -
41. Doc Lock (Locking/Strutting)
40. Slim (House)
39. Jay-R (Locking/House)
38. Barafuco (Bboying, House, Salsa, Cumbia, Popping) Los Angeles
37. DL (Locking)
36. Magic Mike (Locking)
35. KEM (Locking)
34. Switch Step (Popping)
33. A One (Locking)
32. Karyn (Popping)
31. A.D.D Kid (Turfing)
30. Dav 2.0 (Turfing)
29. Mike L (Locking)
28. Machine Girl (Locking)
27. FaythRok (Bboying)
26. Stee (Bboying)
25. boomerang orangutang (Bboying/House)
24. J Twist (Krumping)
23. Law (Popping)
22. Gigs (Popping)
21. Pops (Popping)
20. Drew Styles (Popping, Locking, House)
19. Aqua (House)
18. Vex (House)
17. Pandroid (Popping)
16. Kung Lao (Popping)
15. Gengar (Popping)
14. Jr. Poppin (Popping)
13. Nesto (Bboying)
12. Kwad (Bboying)
11. Tiger (Bboying)
10. King Wong (Bboying)
9. Ka Lok One (Hip Hop Lockin')
8. R-FBI (Locking)
7. Javi-Juice: Hah-Vee (Popping)
6. Jivan Ivan (Bboying)
5. Lucid (Bboying)
4. Jenn-Illy (Bgirling)
3. Qwickfoot (House)
2. Paw-Flo | Houston, TX (All Styles)
1. Hi-Def (Popping)

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